Why Japanese cosmetics? Because the Japanese are advanced and ahead in so many industry sectors, including the make-up world.
Japanese cosmetics are innovative, detail-oriented and extremely specific. Here are two products that I tried for the first time!

First is one of my staple make-up items: liquid eyeliner. It caught my attention because it's a Cosme Award winner. Knowing nothing about Japanese cosmetics, it was really hard to choose between so many eyeliners, so I figured the yellow certification sticker meant this one was outstanding in some way or another. This pen-style liner has a flexible felt tip, applying minimal pressure on your eyelids when drawing (I avoid harder pens because they can give you wrinkles). It glides on effortlessly almost like ink and is fairly pigmented without being heavy in texture. No smudging, but I found that it faded a bit in colour as the day went on. So if you like a more natural look, it would work well. My favorite part about it is that it's easy to carry around. I sometimes do my make-up on the go and this liner is hassle-free.

The second is a Japanese cooling gel lip patch. It's essentially a moisturizing treatment mask made of a jiggly jelly-like material that sticks well, filling in every wrinkle on your lip. It's the ultimate thing if you want to relax because the flavours are subtly therapeutic and it has a cooling effect -- perfect after a day out in the sun. I was actually really impressed, partly because I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but it actually made my lips feel super soft afterward without them feeling oily or sticky! The mask is so easy to use. You just leave the lip-shaped piece on your pout for a couple minutes, take it off and that's it. And if you can see the small image in the photo above, I think these patches can be used to moisturize other parts of your body as well...

Both these items I got from a new Japanese cosmetics store that opened up just down the street from my office! It's called Jealousy Beauty Cosmetics. Everything is reasonably priced; those lip patches were only $3 each! The interior is brand new and glitzy with shelves and shelves of goodies -- Japanese hair dyes, a wide selection of whitening skincare products and even Laduree make-up in the prettiest packaging. I'd definately recommend a visit because even if you're not thinking of buying anything, it's just really cool to check out the different products they make and use in Japan!

This is a sponsored post by Jealousy Beauty Cosmetics. Click here to find a location closest to you.

xo Jen

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