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Korea is the land of trends. Almost every person, mannequin or billboard on the streets seems to be sporting the same reappearing “it” items. Here are the four most prevalent pieces on the streets of Korea that you may want to add to your wardrobe for the upcoming winter season.

Heavily padded safari jumpers are starting to replace autumn’s khaki safari jackets, as fashionistas prepare for the cold winter. Winter’s jumpers generally have the same relaxed look as fall’s, but with added fur linings, hoods and more obvious bulk for extra warmth. The jumper is a popular choice for those looking for something comfortable and casual. The most common color is khaki green, but details like zippers, buttons, pockets and strings differ in each jacket for personal taste.
safari jumper Beat the cold and keep in style: Korean Style

Those in favor of a less bulky and more feminine look will not pass on the variations of capes that are coming out this winter season. The classic cape is a sleeveless, cloak-style coat. For the winter, capes are looking heavier with high collars and often fur-lined hoods. A wool cape with a cleaner design (e.g. less buttons) gives off a more chic and modern vibe, whereas a more textured fabric with busier details is a casual alternative.
cape Beat the cold and keep in style: Korean Style

Another key winter item for the practical and stylish is the “neck warmer” (as they’re called in Korea, also known as circle scarves). When matched properly, circle scarves can touch up any mundane outfit into an instantly fashionable one. There is no specific color or material that is trending among warmers, though mustard yellows, jewel-toned blues and reds are common on the streets. Different colors and fabrics can compliment personal style or exude a certain ambience: a thicker-knit scarf of warmer tones can soften your look to romantic, whereas contrasting the colors of your scarf and outfit makes a bolder statement.
It is impossible to count how many pairs of laced boots you will spot on the streets of Korea. These stylish shoes are expected to be a continuing big trend this winter. From ankle-length to even knee-highs, modified combat boots of various shades are a hit among both ladies and men. The classic army-style boot (with flat soles) has a thicker sole for a bold, heavy-duty look. Combat boots are generally paired with casual outfits, but can be worn to add edge and texture to a chic or modern outfit (e.g.: a blazer and tights). Heeled lace boots vary in style depending on the length, color, texture and heel of the boots: longer black boots are edgier and sexy, whereas brown boots look more relaxed. Beat the cold and keep in style this winter with a trendy winter item of your taste. 
laced boots Beat the cold and keep in style: Korean Style

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