I could be writing about this trendy French resto on Front street I went to last night, or the cute summer outfits I've been eyeing... But who really cares? (Sorry if you do.)
Figured it'd be much more meaningful to blog about two of my best friends. Oh, and these awesome popsicles I made them try.
I've known them for 6+ years now, before entering the world of constant bustle and superficiality outside of our little hometown. I also got to experience first and second year of University with them, downtown Toronto, where we resided together at the hipster student ghettos of Baldwin village.
These two are also the only ones (excluding extended relatives) who call me by my full Korean name (only when applicable, e.g. when they're mad at me).
After a patio lunch, we decided to go buy these strawberry/apple-flavoured popsicles at a nearby Korean supermarket. Then we went to a pretty park and hung out until our popsicles melted.

FYI: These popsicles are my fave... not only because they're shaped funny, but because they taste SO good and are surprisingly very thirst-quenching. They're called Screw bars :S. I just searched it on google to see what would pop up... and there are some really interesting ways to eat these screwbars... Like attaching it to the end of a screw drill. Ha.

xo Jen

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