My $7 necklace from Forever21, which I totally hated when I got home, serves a better purpose now -- on my wrist! I loved the details of the necklace, like its black woven string and cool random beads; but I wouldn't have ever ended up wearing it around my neck because it wouldn't match with any of my clothes (and maybe because chunky-beaded necklaces are soo 2006).
Wrapped around my wrist, it's like the perfect bracelet that I could never find. Dig up your old (and now tacky) necklaces, see if they could work as bracelets and you'll have the whole grungy, piled-on look that Miley's wrists so often sport.

xo Jen


  1. ohhhhhhh yeah it looks tres cute as a bracelet :)
    i swear, forever21 is a gold mine for cheap accessories.

  2. great idea, it does look quite a lot better as a bracelet :)