Today marks the first Friday after completing my first year at University, also the beginning of my very first summer living on my own. Nothing super eventful is planned for the next four months, but I'd like to confide in spontaneity to pull me through. Let's just say that I'd like to try 25 new things this summer... So far, it seems like it's going to start off with working out at a gym (Yeah, I know. Never thought the day would come). I'm also planning to take my mama to see Jersey Boys for her birthday in May, that's something to look forward to :)... The rest? Perhaps, I will go to new places, eat new foods or discover a new hobby. Regardless, I am utterly excited!

My roomie, who is soon-to-be leaving afar, ran into the kitchen this morning blowing bubbles that she had found while cleaning out her room. I am ever so astounded by her drive, her ability to smack down and say, "I'm leaving for five months to pursue my career" and her optimism in it all. I love how reckless and relentless we can get, as if nothing else mattered as long as we were smiling ear-to-ear, hence the bubbles falling all over my food in the kitchen.
Moments like these, I will miss.
My roomate, I will miss even more.

xo Jen


  1. <3... oh dear... this made my cry a little.
    im also very sad i missed this moment.
    BUBBLES!? really!?..... without moi??

    anywho, i absolutely LOVE the photos.
    & i think this is my faourite post of yours to date!


  2. aren't u from toronto though?

  3. i'm too tired to read all of this, but i'm dreading april 30 when we all have to move out

  4. i'm from uptown richmond hill

    and i am living here for the summer!

  5. oh snap... whatta big girl! i would never be allowed to live on my own.. :( i like not paying for food at home :)

    anyways.. something new on ur list should be to play family feud.. and yeah goood byes do suck.. but its only 5 months right? u guys will be reunited once again with shitloads of stories from summer! all is gooood, jen!!

    PS: at least u still dont have exams... last one tonight! and at least u didnt have 5 in a week lol