I loved the movie The Last Song: everyone mussst watch it. Miley may annoy me a bit sometimes, but I loved her role/ chemistry with Liam Hemsworth in the film. Very understandable that they're dating in real life now!
The story is a typical Nicholas Sparks plot line: it's cheesy, predictable and sad (you'll hear sniffling all around you in theatres). But there's something about that cliche story that gets me every single time, and it goes something like this: the imperfect, quirky girl-next-door randomly encounters a wholesome, charming gentleman, who miraculously finds her to be the most adorable thing in life. He sweeps her right off her feet and they never give up on each other despite all the complications.
Sooo realistic, right? I know, but whatever. I still love that story, it'll never get old and will continue to pull at my heartstrings.

xo Jen

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