It's kinda gross, but I really don't care -- I've been wearing my [fairly] new Cheap Monday skinny jeans for about five days in a row now. The washed-out shade of the denim is just so suited for spring, not to mention it matches with all my spring colours of pastel pinks, greens, greys and black.
Black blazer (H&M). Sheer-printed tank (FCUK). Light-wash jeans (cheap monday). Quilted purse (BCBG).

On a side note, it has come to my attention that my fave pair of flats (which I bought from Costa Blanca for $10) are very worn out after two-ish years... Before finding their replacements, I just wanted to acknowledge that these flats were no ordinary $10 flats. They were super comfortable (which is the #1 standard I set when shopping for shoes) and they had an inch of a heel (that people barely noticed) that secretly made me taller. They were great.

xo Jen


  1. you know how i feel about cheap mondays. but you do look cute

  2. haha they're worth their price, let's just say