Two of the most attractive features on a girl: rosy, flushed cheeks and batter-able eyelashes.
I highly recommend Benefit's Coralista; it's the best blush I've used up to date.
Fake eyelashes by Quo are longer and more dramatic than other brands. They are my favourite, but they don't work for some people because eyelash extensions should be matched to suit one's features and personal taste.

xo Jen


  1. i hate those lashes! theyre soo exp and they don't even look good on me :S you should grab some from pmall.. 10 pairs for $ 20 ! you can mix n match them. and theyre soooo pretty. i just stocked up like 20 boxes... i'm good for the year haha

  2. Ahh, i should do that too!!
    i love pmall! haha

  3. i love your blog :))
    please make more beauty and fashion entries !

  4. They look like shit, but then again I'm not surprised after seeing the rest of the crap you have on your blog.

  5. Well, i can't please everyone :)
    Some like it, some don't.