Everytime I comment on someone's blogpost or send a link on a friend's wall, this "security check" word box pops up. I am usually so annoyed of them. I mindlessly type whatever I see, not even registering what the letters spell out. Occasionally, I can't even read them. Over time, it clicked to me how ridiculous (and sometimes hilarious) these things are. I'd be rushing to type it, and then it's like... what the heck? WHO makes these?
The last three are a bit eerie and kinda scare me. They're like scratches of death...
I just had to capture them to share how random and silly these security checks can really get.
(This is a really ugly post and I'm going to delete it soon).

xo Jen


  1. lmao! facebook has the weirdest ones... why are they are emo or sexual? it should just be plainer words like "pencil bow" or why not just random letters/numbers?

    lol @ "sexless mount"

  2. satanic sudan... lmaoo..... ohh myyy i hate these things

  3. they are used to ensure that the person making a facebook account etc. is a human and not a robot/computers - computers are unable to do this task.. believe it or not
    - erica