Of course I expected this movie to be just as cheesy as its title (if not more). But at the end of the two-hour show, I was sure glad to have chosen this movie to watch over others like Shutter Island; it was entertaining, heartwarming and for lack of a better word, cute. Not to mention its impressive cast.
Some facts about the movie that may appeal to you:
- Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are starred as ditzy teenagers in love (I actually thought they were a good couple).
- Anne Hathaway works part-time as a phone-sex operator.
- Ashton Kutcher has the cutest role as a flower shop owner. (Funny, cause I always thought he was a punk).
- Jessica Alba is just so pretty.

It may be about 17 days late for a Valentine's day date, but it's never too late for a classic popcorn-and-movie.

xo Jen

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  1. jenny... you just gave away anne hathaway's job. they don't tell you what she is in the movie until later baha