There's stylish, pretty or nice, -- then there's "posh".
It's the combined look of chic and trendy that Victoria Beckham pulls off effortlessly.
VB's style usually consists of only one or two major pieces (eg. a dress, a trench coat or a fur vest & skinnies) and always a pair of the perfect shoes. 
My favourite part about VB's style is that there's no need for hands full of rings or wrists piled with bracelets; more is not necessarily best, and VB makes that statement with her fashionably dainty looks.
She's like a modern-twist of Audrey Hepburn and I'm absolutely loving it.    

P.s.: In need of that trenchcoat... well, a similar one. Suggestions?

xo Jen


  1. her trench coat is burberry no doubt... Jacob only has a cropped version and Banana Republic was disappointingly bland last time I was there...

    http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/62743 not exactly Vicky B's (hers is Burberry Prorsum and costs $4000) but if you want a trench, I think it's worth investing in!

  2. wow that's so cute! (the link you sent me)
    if only i had the $700 to spend...

  3. yea.... it's a little steep but kind of cheap for burberry! I'll keep my eyes out for you though <3 too bad chinatown doesn't make knockoff of burberry prorsum coats lol