I believe that every scent you own describes a phase in your life. 
Take some of these for example (for those of you that know me, you'll probably get a good laugh out of this): 

Dior Addict - strong, heavy vanilla with a hint of spicy. [smells like old Russian women... trying to smell more mature? during my rebellious, yonge&finch phase]
Vera Wang - smells like a "Princess", light floral and vanilla. [grade 12 phase, started cleaning my room and listened to bubbly music] 
Marc Jacobs - daisies in a bottle. [also grade 12, loving youth and pretty flowers and marc jacobs]
Babyphat - self-explanatory: during my ghetto-fabulous, string-bag, babyphat phase.
Versus Versace - super super sweet, smells like candy and exactly like Cacharel's Amor Amor. [my first perfume ever, in grade 7 or 8]
Tommy girl - fresh, light yet sweet. [during my healthy and non-lazy, active days]
Britney Spears 'Fantasy' -  cannot see it in this photo, but surely somewhere there. [Bam, 9th grade teeny-bopper / gina-bambina phase]

Take a look at your scents. What do they remind you of?

xo Jen


  1. what about the one i got you :(

  2. HAHAHAH string bag phase! jen u use to carry string bags?! oh goddddd i did not now this about my gf :):)

  3. if you got it for me, then obviously it doesn't reflect my taste and doesnt describe anything about me

  4. i thought this was very smart! i remember stealing coco chanel from my mom's stash when i dressed all in black and was going through a "dark" phase... ps store your scents in your closet... that way they will keep for years, in sunlight they will go rancid after 6 months

  5. dkny- be delicious
    marc jacobs- daisy
    chanel- coco
    dolce & gabanna- light blue

    loves of my life, other than you of course

  6. Another torontonian! yayy. Love your stash of scents! I can't seem to get myself to wear anything but Ralph Lauren loll.

  7. daisy & envy me ♥ !
    those are two of my favs :)
    oh wait, have i mentioned..
    i love perfumes!?

  8. I love love love (adore?) the Marc Jacobs Daisy!!!!!! Haven't found time to search for one at factory price yet HAHA.

    ANNNNND You're cuter...

    ANNNNND I want to change the name of my blog buttttt it's too much of a hassle to re-market it :(. HAHAHA I had to make one for a course at school :(

  9. oh! and don't forget the dior posion that you so lovingly handed down to me
    also part of your purple baby phat jacket phase