I've got no classes on Fridays, and amazingly, I wasn't booked to work today, either. On days like these, I like to wake up to the mid-day sun blazing through my window (note: mid-day).
Usually, I'd have plans to go somewhere on my free Friday, but amazingly, I didn't have plans today, either. On days like these, I do the dishes with Jason Mraz music blasting in the kitchen. Then, I cook myself a nice lunch, eat fruits and brainstorm about my story for my next assignment.
Oh, and I also love to read the Toronto Star... Check this out: a 12-year-old girl was arrested for doodling on her desk!

In cases like these, "common sense should prevail," said a spokesperson.
Yes, an officer lacks a bit of that and makes a "must read" headline!

xo Jen

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