EYEOPENER: "Pass: Lobby to ban water bottles"

Published: November 17, 2009
Excerpt: http://www.theeyeopener.com/articles/4334-RSU-gets-the-green-light-from-students

Jen Chae
A motion to petition for the banning of water bottle sales on campus passed at the meeting last week.
The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) will also lobby to increase the number of water fountains. Bottled water is already banned at RSU events. The union argues bottled water privitizes water, which should be a public service.
The RSU will have to work with the university to ban bottled water sales.
“By saying bottled water is bad for you, I'm going to take it away and I’m going to give you a water fountain, that's sort of treating you like a child,” said President Sheldon Levy.
First-year student Robin Tarnowetzki thinks banning bottled water will result in students purchasing unhealthy products.
“If you’re going to ban plastic bottles, why not ban the unhealthy ones?” Tarnowetzki asked.

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  1. this is UNBELIEVABLE! currently, i don't drink anything other than water on a daily basis... you're supposed to drink 8 glasses a day (or 4 water bottles) Water fountains are unhygienic and never the right temperature. Call me a diva, but this "privatized" argument is bullshit, i want my water!

  2. LOL i know right.. i doubt it'll follow through.
    this was a while back (november) but i've yet to seen any action.
    so i think you're safe nat :)

  3. Ha ha, remind me not to get interviewed again. The article was good, but I cringe at seeing my words in print.