Is it just me, or does anybody else feel sooo much better after a trip to the Mandarin?
My mom and I concluded (today) that this place is like a big mood / ego boost.
You step inside and this distinct smell just comforts you. The ceiling is painted baby blue with fluffy white clouds (think Venetian hotel's sky-painted ceiling).
Then at least six workers in cute Chinese uniform greet you, smiling and saying "Welcome to Mandarin" or "Enjoy your stay"; it overwhelms me how nice they are.
You grab a plate and look around and there is just so much variety. Hundreds of dishes, all waiting for you to choose and plop them onto your plate. The picking and choosing what to eat first (because you know you're going to get around to the whole thing eventually) is an ego-boost in itself. Everything is your choice.
You're never let down by the taste of the food. Maybe because it's exactly what you've chosen, or because there's just so much there, but regardless; it all tastes perfect.
Everything is always so great there, I couldn't help but blog about it!
xo Jen


  1. Omg this is the Mandarin!!! OMg i need to go this place looks fabulous!

  2. your mandarin is 1000 TIMES CLASSIER than mine. (yonge and eg) admittedly, i love the corny decor. your mother is beautiful! i see where you get your good genes <3