I often receive these random text messages at random times of the day from a specific friend.
The texts are usually very cheesy, and I'm guessing she probably forwards them to everyone on her contact list... But these texts are very inspirational. She finds the best of quotes or self-reflective questions that make me think and also make me smile.
Most recently, her text read, "One day, you're gonna wake up and realize you're 35, and wouldn't it be nice to look back and say, 'Hey, I went after my dreams and lived everyday to the fullest'?"
Moments like these remind me that there is so much potential in everyone.
It does not necessarily have to be something extraordinary, but something as simple as sending a cute text message or reminding your friends and family that you love them and appreciate them.
Not everyone may see it, but we all have the potential to make the world better.
I am learning to appreciate the good (and sometimes the bad) in everybody, and I hope this inspires you to do the same.

xo Jen

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  1. Thanks baby! I'm glad you like them I'll keep sending them! xox