Check this out. Victoria Beckham stuns us again; this time, with her these Antonio Berardi thigh-high, heel-less PVC boots. Yes, they are heel-less, which means they make her seem like she is tippy-toeing all the time. 

She's also worn these heel-less sandals before and wowed the media.
What I love about Victoria Beckham is that she is serious about fashion. She makes her own style that really outdoes trend-followers; her clean-cut, classy yet skanky edginess is a combination of classics with a hint of futuristic. Take these shoes, for example; we see the platform from the Spice Girls era, minus the butch-iness. 
Verrrry posh, if you ask me. What do you think?

xo Jen


  1. these heels are actually sick not going to lie!
    where can we find these? lets try to go look for a pair!
    and yes baby, very posh like :)

  2. Umm i would never wear those.. they look super uncomfortable and i have flat feet :$ :)

  3. your blogs are so cute. i'm goign ot follow you =)

  4. yay :), thanks julie! makes me so happy everytime i see a new follower!!