When you're wearing a nice collared top or wanting to show off that neckline, or feel too lazy to straighten your hair or simply want to look chic without getting a short bob, try a ballerina bun. It is harder to look 'put-together' with your hair down, whereas a high or low-tied bun can instantly make you look more feminine and less grunge with minus the effort on styling.
I like my buns tight. How about you?

My bun, with a thin headband.

Amanda's bun, loose and higher up.

N.R's bun, with front bangs. Looks good with sunglasses.

N.R's bun with side bangs... She looks classy (for once).

Runway look: tight and sleek with smoky eyes.
Every-day look, more casual: loose bun with falling strands.

xo Jen

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