Maybe winter is not one of my fave seasons. But it's never been like this.
This winter, I don't remember a single day of pretty scenery with fluffy snowflakes. Didn't see much icicles or snowmans, no white Christmas.
I just remember walking home and feeling like if I breathed in, my lungs would freeze and crack. I couldn't call or bbm because my fingers turned numb.
Plus I was not able to find a Goose jacket in time... You'd all know that they're sold out everywhere! Not a happy camper.

On the bright side,
this means I am that much excited for spring!
Obviously I would be daydreaming about my spring wardrobe already.
My spring closet will consist of beige, cream and easter-ish shades with bold, stand-out coloured accessories. Tacky flower-printed, A-line skirts and thin belts, too.
Pictures will be up in the near future.

Until I can trash my stupid TNA parka for good, this is where I'd rather be..
Photos from my Dominican trip 2010.

xo Jen

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  1. I wish i were there too....

    but i must wait until Apirl :(