Birthday cakes are overrated. Who wants extra plates, forks and knives at a party? Plus, most people don't even end up wanting a slice after a heavy dinner. Cupcakes, individually wrapped and ready-to-eat are just the right size after a meal. Especially for ladies, it's much more dainty and feminine than a monstrous cake (exception: cheesecake!). Best hostess choice I ever made: serving cute birthday cupcakes that people could just grab and enjoy.
Photo from my roomate's birthday, at our place.
And look, LC does it, too.

Sure, you may not be a guido or guidette tan-maniac. But you should be getting a colour-revamp for your fading skin during the winter. You don't necessarily have to jump up three shades. Choose a regular bed for less minutes. You'll feel great after a light sweat and will feel even better when your mom tells you that you look healthier. According to the tanning lady at my salon, tanning beds make your skin appear "glossier" and give you a pleasant "shine". When the summer sun is m.i.a., you can count on tanning beds to boost your colour, - and your mood.

*Warning: Don't go all out on your first visit because there is a good chance that you will get burnt and turn red. In case, slap some aloe vera on it. Also, you're gonna need to moisturize more than usual to prevent peeling.

Keeping your tan with a tinted moisturizer is also a good idea. The one I use: Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer. Aside from smelling a little bit like soy sauce, it's awesome.

Next time you want to curl or wave your hair, borrow your mom's hot rollers. They give you more volume than curling or straightening irons since they can get closer to your scalp. Rollers are also less damaging to the hair; irons are extremely high in temperature and will fry your hair, whereas rollers lock in the moisture at a lower heat. Another bonus feature, hot rollers are time-efficient. Your hands won't be occupied with a curling iron while you're reaching for every strand. Instead, you can do other things (like your make-up, eat or homework) while your rollers are in. And no need to worry about burning yourself.
Amanda's PussyCatDoll-hair in process :)

My absolute fave, nachos are the best thing for a light but nutritious dinner. On an oven tray, pile on your choice of chips, then ground beef or chicken, diced tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, beans and cheese. Pop it in the oven until the cheese starts to sizzle and the chips turn golden brown. Serve with sour cream and salsa. All four of your food groups, served, not the old-fashioned way. Mmmmmmm.
This is what I came home to last night. LOVE.

We all have those emergency situations where one's phone falls into the worst place imaginable, - the potty. (Take my roomate, for example. It happened TWICE! And the second time, she wasn't even drunk!). I once heard from a friend that when this happens, you're supposed to take the battery pack out of the phone, wipe away the water and bury the phone parts in a bowl of uncooked rice. Might sound bizarre, but when times got desperate, my roomate and I put this procedure into action. The next day, her phone came back to life again (despite its bright red water-damage sticker)! Thank goodness for rice, you won't have to spend on another phone.
Give your phone a rice-bath like this for as long as it needs to fully recover.

xo Jen

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  1. I can successfully say, that my phone IS WORKING! :D
    after the second time being fully submerged in toilet water
    rice has once again, saved my life.

    thanks jen <3

    & P.S i CANT belieevvee i let you put those pictures of me in rollers on the internet.